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Get more sales

With my funnel strategy!

*I hate spam. I want to show you the strategy, which makes my money.

peter budzak

Hey, my name's PETER BUDZÁK

I’m 33 years old boy from Slovakia. (Heart  of Europe) 

I love business since my 16 y. I have created successful companies of e-commerce, rental properties, fitness educations… Enough about  me 😊

I'd like to help you in starting your own "funnel business" in 2021 via my Funnel Agency.

How? We are Agency...

  • We gonna teach you, build a landing page (without paying tools)
  • We gonna make a profitable cart to your product
  • We gonna take care of the full automation of your „funnel business“
peter budzak

Example: sale of a diet menu in one day in one country

What are we gonna build for you?
cart peterbudzak

High-converting Cart

A properly designed shopping cart is 90% of your success. We designed more than 600 shopping carts.

bump peterbudzak

Order Bump

With one click in the shopping cart, you can increase the order by tens of percent. You will offer an additional service to the main product.


Offer to upgrade the order in the second step, after entering the payment details. In reverse order, it doesn’t work! Upsell can increase the value of the order 2-5 times.


If the Upsell is expensive for the customer, offer the Downsell. The same offer at a reduced price. 85% of customers who do not buy upsell buy downsell.

product peter budzak

Product Delivery

We will automatically send the product to the customer, after processing the payment. Drop your worries about shipping the online product.

invoice peter budzak

Invoice Delivery

We will automatically send the invoice to the customer, after processing the payment. Drop your worries about creating and send invoices to customer email.

What are we gonna teach you?
landing page peter budzak

Sales page creating

We will teach you to create sales pages without using paid tools! Just attach a shopping cart to your sales website that we will create for you.

facebook ads peter budzak

Facebook Ads

Controlling a Facebook ad is like having the key to a vault. We will teach you how to set up profitable Facebook ads.

email marketing peter budzak

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the second top marketing tool in your online business. 98% of visitors to your site make purchases on their first visit

let's get down to business

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